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At Capspace, we understand the importance of making a meaningful difference in our community. And we recognise that as a unified team we have the skills, resources, networks, and knowledge to help us achieve that.

Our commitment to serving and creating opportunities that help our community forms an integral part of our DNA.

Ways we are making a difference and helping our community:

  • We co-founded the Most Important Meal project with a mission: to ensure every child has access to nutritious food at school, setting the foundations for a positive start to the day.
  • Our partnership with author and advocate, Melanie Jai, is focussed on empowering and supporting children facing challenging circumstances, while equipping them with the knowledge to create a more safe and secure environment.
  • Through our principal sponsorship with Abbotsford Juniors Football Club, our goal is to encourage well-being and physical activity, fostering an environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive.

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Most Important Meal project

The Most Important Meal project was founded by Capspace and Living Hope Missions with the goal of ensuring that every child has access to healthy food at school.

Foodbank research shows that 1 in 5 children in Australia experience food insecurity. 

The reality for many kids is that they are starting the school day on an empty stomach.

Breakfast is the fuel young minds need to improve focus and learning, feel energised for the day ahead, and provide the nutritional needs to grow and develop.

That’s why we want to make sure that every child has access to the most important meal of the day, breakfast. 

"It's not good enough that any child goes without food, let alone many children. When I joined the Living Hope Missions team on a school food delivery run, I saw first-hand the number of children going to school every day, hungry. The reality is that they can't change their circumstances alone and schools don't have enough resources to meet demand. It opened my eyes to what was happening on our doorstep, and I knew we needed to get involved. Our mission with the Most Important Meal project is to provide kids with nutritious, healthy, and fresh breakfasts that aid in their growth, development, and learning." - Julio Labraga, co-founder and Director, Capspace.

Our promise

We offer full transparency and accountability in how funds received are being used. 

All monetary donations 100% support the purchase of food for school children. 

Any supplementary expenses such as overheads, insurance, and operational costs for vehicles are covered separately. Organisations and individuals that support this side of the project are aware that they are directly contributing to these specific administrative costs.

How you can help

With the help of our partner and volunteer network, we are able to make regular deliveries of food and other essential items to schools within Sydney. 

We have big goals though. We want to continue expanding our support network to transform even more young lives and end food insecurity.

Find out more about the Most Important Meal project and how you or your organisation can get involved.

Partnership to help end the cycle of abuse

Capspace has partnered with author, illustrator, and child protection advocate, Melanie Jai, to distribute and raise awareness of her new children's book, Little Lionheart.

Written for children, the book demonstrates a communication system that children can use to alert their carers that they need help without the use of words. Recognised by Kids Helpline as a valuable childhood protection resource for early childhood, the book also provides tangible steps carers can take if there are concerns for a child’s safety.

Aimed at empowering, informing, protecting, and supporting children to speak out against abuse, the book uses simple, easy to comprehend language and illustrations to help children understand and navigate the difficult pathway of getting help.

We understood the impact Melanie's book could make in helping end the cycle of abuse. So, we were proud to fund the publishing of 2,000 Little Lionheart books and purchase of 1,000 to be given away for free to communities who need them most.

“Little Lionheart is a wonderful gift to the community. It offers parents and carers a valuable resource to help navigate a very difficult subject matter with their children.” - Tracy Adams, Kids Helpline CEO.

Find out more about the project and book. 

Getting the book to those who need it most

If you’re an individual, community member, or organisation interested in the book but not in a position to purchase it, please email us and we can arrange for a complimentary copy to be sent to you.


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Principal sponsor of Abbotsford Juniors Football Club

In 2023, we are proud to be teaming up with the Abbotsford Juniors Football Club as a principal sponsor.

Recognising the important role physical activity plays in the development of children, we are committed to supporting initiatives that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, we are proud to align with initiatives that foster a sense of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship amongst children. 

We believe it’s important to invest in the health of the younger members of the community as it contributes to a healthier, happier future generation.

“Capspace has a longstanding history with Abbotsford Juniors Football Club. We have been coaches, managers, and volunteers at the Club. And our children are past and present players. This partnership is exciting for us as it will see us working together on a range of community initiatives over the coming years.”John Encina, Director, Capspace.