Helping Australians Succeed.

We invest in you. In your unique story. In the relationship.

Using investor funds, we provide tailored lending solutions to small to medium businesses that banks would love to help but can't. 

At Capspace, we take the time to understand the unique needs of the business. We invest in the relationship. And we use our combined 100+ years of expertise to offer customised lending solutions.

See how we are helping Australians grow, thrive, and succeed. 

Helping Australians Succeed.

We invest in you. In your unique story. 
For examples of our collaborations, see below.

From Masterchef finalist to manufacturing empire

Meet Jimmy Seervai, owner of Essence Group.

Jimmy Seervai's business manufactures nutritional products. It has grown rapidly since its conception over 10 years ago, with over 150 people employed in his Nowra, NSW warehouse.

To Jimmy, maintaining an innovative edge means making fast decisions and gaining rapid access to capital. Due to the banks' rigid systems and slow processes, they weren't able to meet his needs. With Capspace's involvement, the team successfully met Jimmy's timeframes and provided the required capital for his business growth. Capspace will continue to support Jimmy in his global expansion plans.

Discover other inspiring client stories.

The journey from borrower to investor

Meet Rebecca Yazbek, co-founder of Nomad Group.

Rebecca Yazbek and her husband are the powerhouse team behind iconic restaurants, Nomad in Sydney and Melbourne, Beau, and, award-winning, Reine & La Rue. 

Rebecca's story is as unique as it is fascinating. Discover her journey from borrower to investor, how she was introduced to Capspace, and how we were able to help when the banks couldn't.

The sporting professional's retirement game plan

Meet Brendan Renaud, former professional football player.

Former A-league football player Brendan Renaud knew he needed a game plan once he retired from football. A plan that would generate him income post-football and would also serve as a roadmap for future retiring footballers.

When he turned to property development with former Sydney FC captain, Alex Brosque, he applied the same principles from his sporting career to lead him to success in his new venture, including surrounding himself with people he trusted. 

From investment properties and townhouse developments to a football pitch and underground cellar in his home, Brendan worked closely with the Capspace team to turn his goals into a reality.

Being surrounded by solution-oriented people

Meet Grant Pudig, property developer.

Grant Pudig purchased a warehouse shell to convert into 3 houses. Over the next 4 years he then immersed himself into its construction and unique design.
One of the biggest challenges Grant faced with the build was dealing with bank bureaucracy. He learned that even after being with a Big 4 bank for over 20 years, he was just a “customer number” and they weren't able to assist him when he needed. When the Capspace team became involved, we had the tools, understanding, and expertise to assist him with completing his project and turning his setbacks into successes.

A gap in the market to a nation-wide business

Meet Maria Levy, Director of Pet Resorts Australia.

After identifying a gap in the market, animal lover Maria Levy had a vision to build a 5-star luxury pet resort. Over a 15-year period Maria opened sites across the country, however when COVID hit the banks weren’t willing to lend her the money she required to continue her growth plans. So, she sought alternative lending solutions.

Once Maria was introduced to the Capspace team we took the time to better understand the business, her needs, and her plans. Capspace was able to assist with the purchase of further sites, resulting in the business growing quickly and helping her turn her vision into reality. 

Creating the "winning" business recipe

Meet Rob Rubis, owner of Manta Restaurant.

Rob Rubis has over 20 years’ experience in the restaurant business and 27+ restaurants under his belt. Best known for his sustainable seafood, he had an intriguing idea that came into fruition when the pandemic hit. The concept was to get more vertical integration of his seafood with a water to plate offering in his restaurants. 

After the banks weren’t able to assist him, Rob was introduced to Capspace by his broker. The Capspace team supported Rob to open a business during the pandemic and provided a roadmap that would set up the lifestyle he was seeking for the next chapter of his life.